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R: Recorded

CM: Co-Mixed

M: Mixed

MA: Mastered

P: Produced

CP: Co-Produced

CW: Co-Wrote

FLORACENE - Shot in the Dark
(Full EP) - CP/R/M/MA

Connor James - Heartcrack
Double Single- M/MA

FLORACENE - Euphoria

(Indie Rock)

Single- P/R/M/MA

Panic Sets In - Divide and Devour

(Pop Punk)

Full Album- P/R/M/MA

Richard Thomas - Brand New Day


Single - M/MA

DRTY Jools Uncut Jools


Select Songs - R/M/CP


(Rap/Hip Hop)


JPAF - Cycles EP


Select Songs - R/CM/MA

The Hailstones - Crawling On The Floor EP

(Punky Blues Pop)

Full EP- P/R/M/MA

Sh'Bang The Woman Who Changed The World

(Indie Rock)

Full Album - P/R/M/MA

AntTimmy - I Don't Belong

(Alt Rock)

Single - P/CW/R/M/MA

Car Radio - Cover


Single - P/R/M/MA

Diesel ThunderListen

(Alt Rock)

Single - MA

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